How to start Keto Diet?

So, you decided to lose weight and chose a keto diet for this. Your willpower and determination are unshakable. But where to send them? How to start a keto diet and avoid mistakes, make the process of losing weight easier and more enjoyable?

You need to start a keto diet for weight loss by drawing up a menu

First of all, you need to make a good menu for the week. After all, what you eat determines how quickly you go into ketosis. The more you cut carbs, the faster it comes. A clear view of what will be on the menu prevents breakdowns. It is recommended to compose the menu for any diet.

At first, it can be difficult to put together a competent menu. And calculating nutrients and calories is not a pleasant experience. Get ready-made, free 1,300 calorie keto menus for a week, or another great two-week keto menu to get started. In the future, you can create your own menu.

The menu is made up according to two main principles – more fat, less carbohydrates.

Limiting carbohydrates is essential throughout the diet. And those that you still get with food should be from vegetables, nuts and dairy products. Never eat sugar and starch! They are found in breads, pasta, cereals, potatoes and many other foods that can be found in the related list.

Remember the main rule: the keto diet is a high-fat diet. At the same time, proteins are used in moderation, and carbohydrates in small quantities. In short, the ratio between protein, fat and carbohydrates should be 25-70-5, respectively, for the strict version and 20-60-20 for the lighter version.

Adapting to the keto diet

At the beginning of the diet, you will have to go through a period of adaptation. And he can be unpleasant. Its duration depends on the person, and everything is individual here. It is better to be mentally prepared for at least two weeks. But not everything is so scary, as a rule, adaptation is much faster.

Keto adaptation cannot be avoided. Weakness and headache may occur. These are the most common symptoms. To learn more about adaptation and the keto flu, visit this page on our website. This article explains how to manage and relieve symptoms.

But there is good news as well. For some, the adaptation period is quite easy. And maybe you are the lucky one! In addition, after a period of adaptation, the person feels great. You will no longer want to eat as much as before. And it will not pull for sweets at all.

How to start a keto diet for weight loss? – 3 ways for any occasion

Gurus usually suggest 2 ways to start a keto diet. To avoid the unpleasant effects of changing the diet, choose a slower and more gradual one. But if you are confident in your abilities, then full speed ahead with a fast way.

Quick start – go on a keto diet right away

In any case, you need to start keto with making a menu for the week. to go on a keto diet right away, make an appropriate list and go to the store. Only buy and cook foods that are on the keto diet list. Get the rest out of the kitchen!

Eat enough fat and don’t restrict calories. You must be well fed. In the beginning, your goal is to allow the body to adapt to using fat as an energy resource.

If you are hungry and there is no right food nearby, drink water.

With a quick start, you can start losing weight from day one. But only if there are no symptoms of the keto flu. More often than not, even if you decide to start keto right away, take at least 3-5 days to adapt. After that, you can monitor the amount of food and the ratio of nutrients more strictly.

Two weeks is the maximum for adaptation with this method to start a keto diet.

Gradual Success – Getting Rid of Carbohydrate Sources in Order

This method is not as common as it is rather long. But it is perfect for those who want to start keto without plunging the body into a lot of stress. The method should also be chosen for those who are used to eating a lot of carbohydrates and sugar.

The main difference between the gradual way to start a keto diet is that one of the carbohydrate sources is removed every week.

Getting rid of bread to start a keto diet

First, remove sugar and all foods that contain it from the diet. This also applies to ordinary granulated sugar, and the products in which it is included, as well as fructose in fruits. Sweeteners and sweeteners (including natural ones) should also be excluded. Because they will not let you get out of the habit of sweets on a psychological level. Read the ingredients, do not add sugar to drinks.

Next week we exclude pasta and cereals, then starchy vegetables.

After 2-4 weeks without sugar, you will get used to it. Food will taste good without it. And the desire to eat chocolate or chips will significantly decrease.

How to start a keto diet – an individual approach

But you can, of course, do whatever suits you best. The main thing is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates to the required minimum. Reduce them gradually and observe how you feel. If there are no negative effects, reduce more by making more significant changes in the menu. And this is the third way that many people choose. After all, no one knows your body better than you.

What else will help you get started on a keto diet?

MCT oil

Add coconut oil to your diet. For a start, one spoonful in the morning will be enough. Then increase the amount to 3 spoons. This oil contains MCTs, which are very easily absorbed by the body and are immediately converted into ketones. It is a great source of fast energy.


Don’t neglect sports. This does not oblige you to do heavy exercise or exercise professionally. Exercising in the morning and walking medium distances will suffice. Starting a keto diet with exercise is much easier. In addition to its obvious health benefits, physical activity can reduce the severity of keto flu symptoms.


It is recommended to eat 1 gram of protein per 1 kg of desired weight. And exceeding this norm is just as bad as not taking enough protein (read about it here). Too much of it in your diet will lead to excess production of glucose from protein and move you out of ketosis.

And as always – drink more water!